Google site maps generator

Integrated Google Site Maps Feature Highlights:

  • Storehost online commerce suite automatically generates Google site map XML feeds
  • Using a Google site map helps Google deep crawl all the pages of your Ecommerce site
  • Better indexing means shoppers find more relevant results when they search
  • It's a free and easy way to interact directly with Google's web crawlers

Your online business thrives on search results pure and simple. Google uses site maps to supplement their crawling and indexing methods to find all the pages in your Ecommerce site including pages that their traditional methods may have missed. A Google site map is basically an XML web page that has the complete product url list of your Ecommerce site including how often they are updated and when.

With all the competition out there you need every advantage you can get to put your site ahead of the rest. Storehost online commerce suite's advanced SEO functionality is here to help you get to the top.

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