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  eMerchant Discount - offers some of the lowest rates on merchant accounts in the Nation, while offering award winning support. We build life long relationships by keeping our merchant account rates low, and being responsive to our customer's needs.

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Order Management w/ Quickbooks T-HUB from Atandra is a simple Order Manager solution to integrate Storehost Online Commerce Suite with QuickBooks. Imports orders in real-time from online stores, handles shipping and charge credit cards from a single screen. Real-time inventory sync updates in-stock quantities from QuickBooks to website.
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Stone edge order manager

Designed and priced for small-to-medium companies, the Order Manager makes Web, point-of-sale (POS), and traditional mail order businesses easier to manage with practical customer, inventory, and order management tools.

Streamline and automate your process of managing orders, customers, inventory, shipping, drop-shipping, credit card transactions, and more! Manage multiple shopping carts in one shared system and retain the branding of each individual store.

MaxMind delivers industry-leading geolocation and credit card fraud detection services through its GeoIP technology. By accurately pinpointing the location of Internet customers and visitors by country, geographic region, down to the granular detail of city, MaxMind enables online businesses to gain useful knowledge and a better understanding of their customers. This information gives online businesses a valuable marketing tool as well as the ability to customize their website to better serve clients. 

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