Point and click object based design

Pre-programmed object based design feature highlights:

  • Add pre-built Ecommerce site features with a few mouse clicks

  • Floating shopping cart, Featured items, Recently viewed items and more

  • Many objects have extremely positive SEO effects

  • Absolutely no programming skills required

One of the most daunting tasks with any website design is getting the professional look, feel and functionality you need to be competitive in today's online market place with-out spending a small fortune. Visitors are expecting a richer, faster online shopping experience.

Ecommerce specific objects like a Floating shopping cart, recently viewed items, accessory items, featured items, best seller lists and in-cart shipping costs preview are now considered must have rather than nice to have features. Many shopping experience enhancements also play a vital roll in search engine visibility and ranking which are completely indispensable for a successful online commerce venture.

Choose from dozens of Shopping experience and SEO enhancing features:

Easily insert them into your Ecommerce site with a few mouse clicks:

Cost comparison for adding similar functionality to a Yahoo store:

  • Floating shopping cart for Yahoo store - $600.00
  • Related items for Yahoo store - $55.00
  • Order table upgrade for Yahoo store - $125.00
  • Recently viewed items for Yahoo store - $275.00
  • Random home page specials for Yahoo store - $375.00
  • Text side navigation for Yahoo store - $150.00
  • It would cost many thousands of dollars to add all the basic Ecommerce necessities included in Storehost Online Commerce Suite to a Yahoo store. You would be able to host a Storehost Ecommerce site for nearly a year and a half for the costs of adding the items above to Yahoo Store.

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