Integrated RSS Feed Generator - Manager

Integrated RSS Product Feed Generator - Manager Feature Highlights:

  • Automatically generate RSS product feeds for your visitors to subscribe to
  • Our RSS feed engine includes the best RSS subscription tracking reports in the industry (alpha)
  • Deliver targeted up to date product information directly to your subscribers
  • RSS gives your visitors a spam free window to your products and services
  • RSS product feeds include sale items, new items, featured items and most popular items
  • RSS feeds encourage repeat visits to your Ecommerce site by shoppers and search engines
  • Choose from either standard or Ecommerce enabled RSS feeds (add to cart)
  • RSS is one of the fastest ways to get new content listed by the search engines
  • Ultra high visibility online retailers like and publish RSS feeds
  • Requires absolutely no programming skills to use, just click and publish
  • SEO benefits of RSS Feed to HTML Conversion!

Want to furnish your customers with the very latest information about your site? Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is what you need! Using our integrated RSS Feed Manager, your customers can easily follow changes to your products, pricing and availability as they happen.

Using our integrated RSS Feed Manager, your customers can easily follow changes to your products, pricing and availability as they happen

Imagine the possibilities of delivering concise, targeted, up-to-date information about the products and services you offer - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to deliver product feeds right to your customers desktop. Why? Because they subscribed to your content and picked the content they wished to receive. Now anytime you update your website your subscribers receive your message loud and clear.

Easy to use. Point, click and publish RSS Feed settings.

Point, click and publish RSS feed settings

RSS Feed to HTML Conversion

RSS feed to HTML conversion feature highlights:

  • RSS feeds are pulled in and published as static HTML giving you SEO credit
  • Search engines are drawn to sites with frequently updated information
  • RSS directories are a great source for visitors where the competition is a fraction of what it is on Google
  • RSS is one of the most overlooked, under utilized search engine optimization (SEO) techniques

Any SEO expert worth their salt will tell you the value of having fresh content on your site. Fresh content is a magnet for search engines and visitors alike. Up till now you have had two choices to display an external RSS feed on your website. One being the JavaScript method which is great for your visitors but does absolutely nothing for search engine ranking and placement since search engines ignore JavaScript.

The other option is to manually convert RSS feed information into HTML by hand so your site can benefit from its search engine attracting powers. This can be a tedious, time consuming task that can be easily put off. Our RSS feed to HTML converter object will pull an RSS feed in, convert it to HTML and insert it into your web pages on your next static HTML page publish. Simple, direct and supremely beneficial.

Storehost online commerce suite is the first Ecommerce solution to incorporate automated RSS to HTML conversion. This RSS object is currently in Beta

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