Product spotlight

Product spotlight feature highlights:

  • Product spotlight tracks bot visits from Google, MSN and Yahoo

  • Logs search engine bot visit time and date at the product page level

  • Automatically generates and manages product spotlight link list based on search engine visits

  • Product Spotlight list is published as static HTML for maximum search engine crawlability

  • Shoppers are presented with a list of products they may not have found on their own

  • Total search engine bot visit report on the merchant admin interface with last 24 hour results

Our exclusive Product spotlight object keeps track of visits from Google, MSN and Yahoo down to the page level. This means you can see exactly when the last visit was from these major search engines to a specific product page in your site. This information alone is supremely valuable and answers a question we have seen many times in SEO forums, how do I know when Google has been to a product page in my site.

Product Spotlight keeps track of visits from Google, MSN and Yahoo down to the product page level

Storehost Product Spotlight's real power

Knowing exactly when and where the major search engines are visiting is superb information but our Storehost Product Spotlight doesn't stop there. The Product Spotlight looks like a top ten product list on the outside but is much more. Once a product page link has been visited by the search engines the Product Spotlight Analysis Engine swaps in a new product page link from a page that has not been visited yet or is the oldest in the search engine visit list.

The Product Spotlight object makes sure that the top three search engines find and visit all of the product pages in your site by placing them where they are sure to be seen. It also rotates in fresh keyword rich links on a regular basis automatically.

When you log in to manage your store you are greeted with a report of how many pages were visited by MSN, Google and Yahoo within the last 24 hours. This powerful SEO functionally is only available in Storehost Online Commerce suite.

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