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Is your Ecommerce hosting and shopping cart this reliable? Many top SEO experts place website perform and availability in the top five factors that can have negative impact on your search engine ranking. Obviously there are many Ecommerce solution providers that make claims of high performance and availability but we have yet to see any publicly viewable reports.

We have discontinued the visitor facing live reports. Below is the legacy results from September 2005 to April 2011.


Uptime Statistics since September 2005
These are the Uptime Statistics for the time this URL is being monitored
San Francisco, CA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC
New York, NY


About Xfactor Multimedia INC network, shopping cart and server monitoring:

  • We monitor our network and servers from third party services including our own monitoring application and remote agents to ensure maximum availability, performance and overlap.

  • Our shopping cart monitoring application and remote agents not only check for availability and performance it automatically emails a copy of any error including a mirror copy of the html code/page it was generated on to our engineers. This functionality is extremely valuable for transient, difficult to reproduce error messages.

  • A fail from one of the reporting agents on the report does not mean that our systems were/are down.

  • Periodic fluctuations and occasional spikes are to be expected in the reports below.

  • We monitor add to shopping cart and secure shopping cart checkout performance and availability.

  • Divide response times by 1000 to convert to Seconds. 250.0 Milliseconds = .25 of a second which is extremely fast.

We are confident that we provide one of the most reliable shopping cart experiences at any price point.

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