AOS Orchid Culture Volume 2 for the iPad

AOS Orchid Culture Volume 2 - American Orchid Society

AOS Orchid Culture Volume 2 is the second seven American Orchid Society Orchid Culture sheets formatted for the iPad; featuring beautiful Orchid photography by Greg Allikas.

These popular documents have been at the foundation of AOS orchid education for more than a decade and provide orchid culture information in a convenient, concise interactive format.

Orchid culture information included in this volume:

  • Odontoglossum

  • Oncidium

  • Paphiopedilum

  • Dendrobium

  • Phalaenopsis

  • Masdevallia

  • Stanhopea

  • Basic Orchid Glossary

  • Video

  • Chapter Narration

  • Interactive elements

  • LUX Conversion Calculator



AOS Orchid Culture Volume 1 for the iPad

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