Color Cache HD for the iPad

Color Cache HD for the iPad is a robust, uncluttered color matching application to assist web developers in creating color schemes for site development.


Our color picker features the creation of one color and eight complementary colors based on the Complement version selected.

Touching any of the complement colors will promote them to the top of the color stack.

Save Current Palette allows you to save the current palette into the saved palettes page.

Output Labels: RGB/HEX/HSL/HSV/CMYK/CMY/XYZ/Hunter Lab/CIE Lab

Complement Versions:

  • Analogue

  • Triadic

  • Square

  • Complementary

  • Split-Complementary

  • Single Hue

Also includes three Color Cache HD complement versions.

Additional functionality:

  • Defined colors including W3C, CSS Named colors and web safe color lists. All the colors on the lists are touch/promote to the Color picker.

  • Sample HTML uses the currently loaded color palette to generate Text box and Gradient code.

  • Does not require you be connected to the internet to use.

  • Full support for Portrait and Landscape modes.

  • Email our support department from inside the Color Cache HD application.

Highest rated Color Picker for the iPad on iTunes.

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Customer Reviews

Great App
by Bigdogsam

I am not a "color person" so picking colors for web sites has always been very hard for me. This app makes choices easy. Also getting the right hex code for a color is easy along with CSS name.

Very handy, stable and easy to use. App makes it easy to visualize color choices. I now use it with every project. Saves so much time!

Even gives sample border, text, backgrounds you can adjust along with sample code to use! Makes it easy to visualize choices.

If you do web sites and work with colors this app is for you.

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