Letter from Classic Creations Religious Jewelry

"We have been on-line for 7 plus years now. The first three years we used
Yahoo Store. We did have a fair amount of success with the Yahoo Platform,
but fears about system reliability and technical support began to create
fears about our business. As a small company, we could not afford website
down time or other technical issues. As we searched for alternatives, we
found Storehost (Xfactor Multimedia) and have not looked back since. Our
volume has steadily grown and the reliability of the Storehost network is a
major reason. We have never had a customer call stating our site was
unreachable or the checkout pages did not work. This was a fairly common
problem before switching to Storehost.

Here is a brief comparison of some features of Storehost and Yahoo Store:

1) Customer/technical support: Absolutely no comparison. The support at
Storehost is far and away the best support I have ever received from any
company period. NOT JUST eCommerce/on-line stuff, but the best support
period. 7 days/week 24 hours per day Storehost provides unsurpassed
service. They are knowledgeable about their product and have a true concern
about the success of their merchants.

2) Flexibility of design: Again, no comparison. Storehost allows for an
unlimited design arrangements via their standard layout areas, built in
objects, template editor, template tags and more. Features like a floating
shopping cart, CSS navigation, featured-items, item accessories, Google
analytic integration, Google checkout support, RSS feed support, product
index pages, Google sitemap generator, advanced product image galleries, IP
blocking, MAXMIND support, customizable checkout process, and more.

3) System reliability: No comparison. Essentially zero downtime with
Storehost. All the features in the world are meaningless without a reliable
platform. Storehost is unsurpassed in this area. The very few times their
have been power outages or routing problems, the Storehost staff has worked
diligently to restore any services that were impacted. Storehost also
monitors their network and constantly reports the network status to their
users. No hiding anything here. Their reliability is great and they hold
themselves to this standard.

4) Pricing: We are on a dedicated server and spend less per month than we
did initially with Yahoo Store on a shared network environment. Their use
of revenue sharing and other fees greatly increased the cost of operation.
With Storehost the pricing is right up front. No revenue sharing or extra
fees to catch you off guard.

5) Order processing/credit card processing: The Yahoo Store platform had
the credit card processing built right in so that portion of management was
initially easier for us to manage with Yahoo Store; however, after becoming
familiar with Storehost, the processing of orders is easy. The
user-definable order status manager really lets a merchant customize order
statuses in an unlimited way. We have around 10 different order statuses we
use to easily keep track of our orders now.

The best business decision we ever made was switching to Storehost to meet
our eCommerce needs. Great technical support, super reliability, integrity,
and commitment to excellence define the Storehost staff. There is a
constant effort to improve their service and platform. Their service is
unsurpassed and the flexibility of the design interface allows the creation
of truly unique websites. I feel confident with our business in such
competent hands."
Scott Lachance

Classic Creations Jewelry Inc

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