What does your PC site look like on an iPhone

< Insert your website URL to see how your current site will appear on an iPhone or iPod touch in expanded form.

Size is an approximation due to the difference between std screen size/resolution and the 166 PPI resolution/ screen size of an iPhone/iPod touch. Compare the actual expanded iPod touch screen shot on the bottom right.

Storehost MCS can accommodate mobile internet capable device screen sizes from 128px and larger and designs from text only to content rich sites geared to larger screen, more capable devices like iPhone, iPod touch, Zune HD.

Storehost Mobile Commerce Suite

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Our iPhone webpage viewer allows you to load your current website into a frame that's a basic representation of what iPhone and iPod touch users would experience should they visit your site.

Initially the iPhone and iPod touch will load a whole webpage greatly reduced in size requiring visitors to "expand", "drag" and "pinch" to navigate around the site.

Here are a few iPod touch screen shots that visually describe an initial page load and how much content is available for viewing when expanded to be readable.

Initial page load in for xfactormm.com

Below, the standard xfactormm.com web page after being expanded

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