Mobile for Yahoo! Store Features

Going Mobile with Yahoo! Store doesnt get any easier than with our SaaS mobile solution. Our Mobile commerce solution for Yahoo! store is the culmination of twelve years experience building and maintaining web based commerce solutions. Once you compare the level of functionality and design capabilities of our mobile solution to other "built for Yahoo! store" solutions we are sure you will see the difference and so will your mobile visitors.

SEO Specific features Design specific features
  • Integrated Google Mobile site map generator
  • Google Products RSS feed
  • Integrated SEO page analysis
  • RSS product feed generator
  • Auto generated product index
  • Top selling items object
  • Product spotlight object
  • Featured item object
  • Rooted static HTML page publishing
  • Bread crumb trails
  • Auto generated page titles
  • Auto generated meta descriptions
  • Auto generated Alt image tags
  • CSS text based navigation wizard
  • Search engine tracking
  • Unique keyword and description for each page
  • 99.9% Availability
  • No programming skills required
  • Pre-programmed objects
  • Simple tag-based custom HTML templates (beta)
  • Easy point and click global layout settings
  • Department and page icons and alternate page and department BG Color/BG Image
  • Object based design framework
  • Auto generate high quality mobile optimized thumbnails
  • Image gallery page
  • Simple point and click page design
  • Definable Document Type
  • Zip support for large product import files
  • Bulk image file upload
  • Integrated 301 redirect
Item specific features Reports
  • Image gallery
  • Related items, accessory items
  • Share social networking page
  • Featured items
  • Recommended items
  • MAP Pricing (add to cart to see price)
  • Matrix pricing
  • Unlimited item options w/unique sku, weight and price
  • Integrated inventory control with customizable min/max and thresholds + Under/Over Override
  • Item and Department browsing history
  • Custom fields
  • Flexible import/export
  • Set minimum/maximum item order quantity
  • Also purchased
  • Save cart for later
  • Integrated support for Percent Mobile Analytics
  • Shopping cart report
  • Conversion report
  • Hot-linking report
  • Shoppers report
  • 404 error report
Store management Other, info, features and functionality
  • Simple user interface
  • At a glance new orders, cart conversion, search engine visit reports on admin main page
  • View cart contents of completed orders
  • Support for real time shipping (UPS, USPS)
  • Integrated IP manager
  • Promotions
  • Coupons
  • Gift Services
  • Floating shopping cart
  • Integrated wish list (beta)
  • Live performance and availability reports
  • Multiple monitoring locations
  • Automatic cookie block detection and re-direction to detailed cookie explanation page
  • iBrowser diagnostics tools
  • Native Yahoo store CSV file upload
  • Native Yahoo store format objinfo, catalog.xml feeds
  • In Cart shipping costs preview

  • CVV2 Support

  • Terms and Conditions page and check box for requiring shoppers to agree with your TOC for purchases

Functionality may change before launch.

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