We are currently awaiting approval from Yahoo! to integrate their payment gateway, this is the only thing holding you up from using the most advanced Mobile solution available for Yahoo stores "."

Mobile for Yahoo! Store

Mobile Commerce for Yahoo! Store is a full featured shopping experience for your mobile internet connected visitors. By full featured we mean functionality rivaling the full desktop experience on a handheld mobile device.

Mobile Commerce for Yahoo! Store Service highlights:

  • Provide a mobile version of your Yahoo store to the ten's of millions of iPhone, iPad, Droids, iPod Touch, Zune HD and internet capable Smart phone users.
  • No set-up fee, simple item count based pricing
  • Storehost Mobile Commerce Suite is the most feature rich, reasonably priced mobile commerce solution for Yahoo stores.
  • 100% more "Self serve" design control than other built for Yahoo! store solutions.
  • Customize the look and feel of your Mobile Yahoo store with simple HTML
  • Full web based administration control panel
  • Easily import your product data directly from the Yahoo! objinfo.xml & catalog.xml feeds. Import product information, images & categorization.
  • Integrated RSS product feeds.
  • Having an additional copy of your product data and images on a remote server is a great fail-over plan in case your Yahoo store has a catastrophic failure.

Big online commerce players such as Amazon, eBay and Barnes & Noble have custom built Mobile presences. Now with Yahoo! Store Mobile Website Service you can join innovative online merchants in leading the way to the next logical progression in commerce.

Some facts about Mobile Web and Mobile Search:

  • Mobile Internet growth is currently eight times greater than PC-based growth.

  • Aprox 99.2% of all websites "do not" have a mobile friendly version of their website!

  • Google mobile search volume has quintupled in the last year alone.

  • The mobile web has seen a sevenfold increase in mobile-friendly Web sites since last year.

  • Juniper predicts 1.7 Billion people will be accessing the web with a mobile device by 2013

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